How to Know If You Need a Plumber


There are 1.2 million miles of water pipes in the US alone. That’s enough to put a belt on the Earth that goes around it 48 times. It’s a long distance and a lot of pipes. These pipes sometimes get broken, clogged or damaged. A part of them is going through our homes. We use them every day so it’s normal to encounter some problems here and there.

Many people are not aware that water problems require calling a plumber. A lot of people don’t know what plumbers do and what goes under their job description. For example, many don’t know that a clogged toilet is a job for plumbers. In this article, we’re going to tell you what plumbing companies service is and when you need to call them.

Clogged toilet

We already mentioned this, so why not start with it. A clogged toilet is something we’ve all seen in our lives and we wish we didn’t. But, what was seen cannot be unseen, right? It’s a nasty sight and some can’t stand dealing with it.

Often, this problem can be solved with a simple push from a plunger, but in some cases, it will need a more serious approach. If something got stuck inside the pipes and is not about to move, then professionals will come and use special tools to solve the problem. In rare cases, you’ll need to dig in the walls, but that’s a really complex problem. See how this might turn out:

Dripping faucet

You get home exhausted and can’t wait to go to bed. You get comfortable, you almost fall asleep and you suddenly hear that annoying dripping from the faucet. It’s like a hammer punching your forehead. It’s unbearable.

The problem might not be huge, but it will still require plumbing inspection. The water is not stopping where it should and the faucet is actually working nonstop. This both spend water and your money. You need to fix it ASAP.

Pressure too low

If the pressure in your faucets is too low it can be a serious problem or just a minor issue that needs a professional look. Often times, the problem is in the aerator that gets clogged and simply doesn’t let enough water to flow through it. Even if the problem seems so simple, it’s still a job for the plumber. The aerator has seven different parts and chances are big you’ll only make a bigger problem if you try to fix it on your own.

If the aerator is okay, then the problem might be bigger. If you’re experienced enough and you checked the first point but found no problem, then maybe it’s time to call the pros and let them do the job.

Water stays too long in the sink

Small particles often get inside the sewage through our sinks. Whether it be toys, solid foods, and even live animals, all these can be inside and you need someone to take them out. The best plumber will get in and out and the work will take seconds. That’s because plumbers have special tools for these occasions and know exactly how to solve the problem.

There’s no water at all

How about this problem. DIY plumbing is not an option in this case, right? The problem might be anything but one thing is for sure – it’s a serious one. Unless there’s a problem somewhere else and the whole area is shot down, then you do have a reason to be worried. Worrying is okay, but you shouldn’t panic.

The problem is probably somewhere outside your home but you can’t locate it. That’s a sure sign you need plumbing service. They might need to dig something up before they locate the problem, but don’t worry, professionals know how to handle this problem.


Basically, all problems with water at your home are a job for the plumber. You might think that some things are easily fixable, but unless you have knowledge and experience in this matter, then it’s better to call someone who knows what they are doing. Check this link to see what plumbers do:

Water leakages are serious and trying to fix a problem might create a bigger one. So, before it’s too late, call the plumbing service for every little thing you think might become a greater problem.

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