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Home Spaces That Are Usually Forgotten And How To Clean Them


You think you’re doing a marvelous job at keeping your home perfectly shipshape, right? You keep up with your family’s laundry, your kitchen looks tidy, and you even manage to scrub your shower/tub to an acceptable level. You might think, “That should just about do it when it comes to home cleaning!” Unfortunately, you are likely missing a great deal of unnoticed tasks, and this can result in potential allergens and germs lurking all over in your safe, clean sanctuary. What to do?!

It might be helpful to run down a list of these common forgotten areas or chores in two main areas of the house, the Kitchen and the Bathroom. This way, you can say with assurance that your home is truly clean, and you can apply this methodology to other areas of the house.

The Kitchen

Inside the Garbage and Recycling

Yes, you take out the trash and recyclables on a regular basis, but how often do you clean out the actual receptacles? Take a moment to spray out the base next time you are replacing the bag, using a strong anti-microbial product like Lysol.


Although it seems like you are constantly washing this appliance already, it can actually harbor ton of funk. Begin by cleaning out the filter of your dishwasher (which is probably crammed with food particles) and then run a deep clean cycle using a heavy duty cleaning agent, preferably with baking soda.


Two zones stand out here: the Top and the Water Dispenser. Be sure to regularly dust the top of the machine, and also flush out the water dispenser that you use daily and likely take for granted! There are lots of videos on YouTube that will walk you through this based on the make and model of your fridge.

The Bathrooms

Inside the Garbage Can

See “Kitchen” area. Make sure to scrub or spray out the garbage receptacles monthly to cut down on odor and gunk.

Doorknobs and Drawer Handles

The bathroom is arguably the germiest part of the house, and although we are all fairly well conditioned to wash our hands, it’s undeniable that there are a lot of unclean surfaces here. Using a strong cleaner and a damp cloth, wipe down the interior of the bathroom with extra thoroughness – detail all handles completely, and don’t forget the toilet paper dispenser, the light switches and the medicine cabinet.

Under the Lid and Behind the Base

You might scrub the toilet bowl itself fairly regularly, but do NOT forget to lift that lid and really get to work. A lot is hiding under there! Also, take a moment to wipe off the base of the toilet and reach around to get behind and underneath it, as a lot of dust and muck can hide out down here due to condensation.

Hopefully, these tips will help with your home cleaning process. Happy Spiffing!

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