Distressed Rug Home Decoration Ideas


Ever wonder the difference your rug makes when incorporated with other elements, like an artifact, an artistic designed wall or ceiling? The magic you can create with a distressed rug in your home is mind-blowing. The manner through which a piece can optimally transform your home is something that homeowners can’t get enough. In this article, you will learn some ideas that would make your home a masterpiece.

  1. Lightening

The lighting of your room is everything if you want to create an appealing visual in your home. With the distressed rug dominating the floor, you will be able to bring out its full beauty by ensuring you use proper lighting. It mustn’t be overly bright, but the colors have to brighten the floor and unleash its aesthetic feel. Get table lamps or ceiling bulbs that would bring out the beauty of your home.

  1. Wallpapers And Arts

If you want to bring out the beauty of your distressed rugs, consider getting creative with the wall. There are lots of wallpapers that you can order online, either from Amazon or AliExpress. There are lots of wallpaper ideas on Pinterest also that you can also check out. Another way to go about this is to hang some artworks. The trick is to make the wall alluring, not empty. A distressed rug and a fantastic wall will make your home a haven.

  1. Green Serenity

You still want to create a peaceful and iconic space? Then bring in some green into your home. The warm distressed rug, with a vase of green on a table, is beautiful. The beautiful wall, the green plants, and scents will bring the outdoors inside, making your home the best place for relaxation and meditation. Making sure you have an element that has a green color will add some strength to the green plants. If you’re yet to try this, then you should.

  1. Creating Symmetry

One way to achieve this is to ensure the nightstands are the same height. Coordinating artworks, and a little green in your bedroom would make your distressed rug more distinct in its space. Symmetry has to do with making sure one side isn’t very different from the other. That will make it look odd, especially your bedroom.

  1. Mind Your Colors

The color of your curtain, furniture, flowers, and arts should complement your distressed rug. That is the only way to make it shine, thereby making it the centerpiece of your home. To be on a safer side, make use of neutral colors since they can flawlessly blend with any colors without issues.

Wrapping Up!

There are numerous ways to bring out the full beauty of your rug, and that is by ensuring that every other element is in harmony. To make your distressed rug stand out, watch out for the colors. Don’t be shy to bring in some green. The wall shouldn’t be blank either.You can unleash your creative genie and make something astounding. When done, it will surprise you how beautiful your home has become.