An Insight into Today’s Waste Management Company


For the past two decades, waste management in the UK is primarily focused on recycling, as the need to reduce the negative impact we are having on the environment becomes crucial, and it might surprise you to learn that as much as 90% of the waste they collect is recycled. This is possible because the waste management company would have close associations with various recycling plants, and can recycle all of the following:

  • All ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • All forms of plastics
  • Timber in all forms
  • Paper & cardboard
  • Glass Bottles – Broken Glass

Other items that can be recycled include lithium batteries and, of course, IT hardware, which would be taken to a specialised recycling plant and reused.

Domestic Waste

When you use affordable skip hire services in Croydon, it is comforting to know that the majority of your waste is recycled, and the little that cannot is responsibly disposed of in a landfill. If you have to leave the skip on the public highway, the supplier can help you to obtain a permit, which is necessary.

Commercial Waste

The waste management company would have many commercial customers who rely of their services in order to carry on with their business, and with a prearranged schedule, the waste management company would collect waste and take it away for recycling.

Next time you need a skip, it is comforting to know that almost all of the waste you generate will be effectively recycled, thus reducing your carbon footprint, and with affordable rates, it won’t cost a fortune.

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