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A Guide to Designing a Small Kitchen


The more room you have in a kitchen, the easier it is to design the perfect layout, and with a small kitchen, the limited space very much restricts what you can do layout wise. Wall mounted cabinets offer much needed storage space, and no doubt the floor units will have to be made to fit into what space there is. Your triangle of stove, sink & fridge should be close together for practical reasons, and with a slimline breakfast bar along one of the walls, your dining area won’t take to too much valuable space.

Professional Kitchen Design

The small kitchen requires some design expertise, and with affordable bespoke kitchens in Doncaster, you can make the best possible use of the limited space you have. Minimalism is a design concept to adopt, and simplicity always works well with small spaces, with the following add-ons:

  • Bespoke wall cabinets
  • A single worktop
  • Made to measure shelving

Hanging kitchen implements inside the cabinet doors will provide even more storage space, and if you take stock of the many items in the room, you might find that some can be discarded, or stored somewhere else. When thinking storage space, look at both horizontal and vertical options, and with tailored cabinets that include ample drawers, the many kitchen implements will have a permanent home.


Calculate your budget and talk to a professional kitchen supplier, who can make the most out of the available space, while designing a kitchen that is both cosy and inviting. Don’t skimp on quality with kitchen materials, as you want something that will stand the test of time, and for flooring, vinyl of laminated flooring is ideal for the heavy traffic one expects in the busiest room in the house.

Kitchen cabinets that are handle less make for an ideal choice in a small kitchen, with the smooth lines making the room look a little more spacious, and stick to light colours in a small kitchen. A small kitchen doesn’t have to lack anything, it just requires a little careful planning, and with sliding cabinet doors, you reclaim a little more space.

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