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A Guide to Bathroom Renovations


The bathroom is a very special room, and one that requires a combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality, and if you have decided to renovate, the first thing to do is ascertain the scope of the work. You might, for example, be perfectly happy with the bathroom suite, and would simply like to retile the walls and change the flooring, or you might want a complete revamp, which basically means removing everything and starting from scratch.

Bathroom Design

There are specialist companies who offer experienced bathroom installation in Dorchester, and with their expertise and your input, the perfect design can be created. The bathroom supplier would want to know your budget, which can help him to come up with something suitable, and once the design is approved and the price agreed, the bathroom specialist can set a schedule for the work to be completed.

Quality Materials

If you’re looking to cut a few corners to save money, the bathroom is no place for inferior materials, indeed, you should insist on top quality materials, fixtures and fittings, which will ensure the bathroom stands the test of time. Typical materials used in a bathroom renovation would include the following:

  • Ceramic Tiles – Top Quality.
  • Composite Flooring – Luxury Vinyl or Laminate.
  • Paint Products
  • Bathroom Suite

The range of shower screens is indeed varied, with coloured and patterned glass and seamless fixing, and once you have experienced a digital shower, you won’t want anything else! Talk to your local bathroom renovation company today and see what they can do for you.

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