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3 Typical House Pests That You Will Find Trying To Move Into Your Property


There is lots to do as a property owner and your year is filled with things that you need to do. If you don’t do them, your property will suffer and your investment will lose value. For most of what needs to be done, you can keep an eye on it and fix it when needed. Many of the jobs, you might be able to do yourself, but there are some when you need to call in the experts. One such job is when you get uninvited guests who have decided that they want to set up home on your property. Pests are every UK property owner’s nightmare and unlike people, they won’t go away when you ask them and there is no point in calling the police.

If you are experiencing issues with pests, you might ask, ‘where can I find pest control near me in Torquay?’ and the answer is that there are a number of them in your local area. The following are the typical pests that UK homeowners have to contend with.

  1. Pigeons or the ‘rats of the sky’ as they are known as in Torquay, frequently try to set up home all around the area. They carry diseases and can ruin the roof of a home. Your pest controller will move them on.
  2. Squirrels as cute as they are, can be a nightmare if they get into your roof space. You can hear them scurrying around up there in your roof space at night and they chew through wires.
  3. Ants, bees and wasps are the typical insects that cause the most problems. Ants can pretty much go where they want and bees and wasps can be dangerous if provoked. Get your pest controller in to deal with these.

Whatever your pest control issues, get the experts in and get them moved on out of your property today.

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